Video – The Anatomy of a Vet Exam

With his own dog Rufus as guinea pig, Stephen shows you exactly what a vet is assessing when performing a vet exam on your pet.

Vet Exam Video Information

As explained in the video, a full vet exam involves the assessment of:

Movement and behaviour

This vet exam is a general health check up, and will differ for more specific appointments and follow ups. For more specialised appointments, the vet will usually focus more on the specific area that is being treated. Much of what is covered during this exam is done far more quickly, but no less thoroughly, than is shown on this video.

Please don’t forget that, if you are ever worried about the health of your pet, you can always give your local Yorkshire Vets surgery a call, who will be happy to help. The number for each surgery can be found on the relevant surgery page, which can be accessed from the surgeries menu at the top of the page.

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