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Carrots - Yorkshire Vets in Morely - Pet of the Month

Meet Carrots. This handsome, brave lad has been through a lot but has come through fighting! He is our Pet of The Month for February.

Carrots was found by a member of the public, stuck in a garden fence. Bradford Cat Watch Rescue was contacted and without hesitation took him home to take care of him. He was estimated to be around only 3 weeks old.

Unfortunately Carrots has a congenital eye defect, which meant that one eye had never developed and the other was severely ulcerated. This was treated with medication to see if it would resolve, but was unsuccessful. After further consultations with our vet Stephen, it was decided the ulcerated eye needed to be removed, this would then leave him completely blind.

Carrots was admitted for the surgery and the operation was performed. It was a very risky procedure, not only due to Carrots size and young age, but also because the eye has burst.

Thankfully the operation went OK! No longer than 30 minutes after the operation, Carrots was up and about and eating plenty of food. We couldn’t have asked for a smoother recovery.

Later that evening Carrots was discharged back to Bradford Cat Watch. The rescue have since informed us that he has found his forever home with Katie, the founder of the rescue. This little legend, despite the odds that were stacked against him, has proved to be a true fighter, and never lost his spirit. He is currently 10 weeks old and recovering just fine. Keep up the good work both Carrots and Bradford Cat Watch Rescue! To show his gratitude he spoilt us with a big pack of carrot sticks and carrot cakes! Thank you!

As Pet of the Month, Carrots will be awarded with a toy from KONG to enjoy during his recovery.

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