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Have you ever wondered about the terminology used in a pet insurance policy? Stephen’s latest video goes through the basics, to give you a better understanding of which policy is best for you and your pet.

Pet Insurance Terms Explained – Video Information

Pet insurance can be vitally important for keeping your pet fit and healthy. Veterinary fees can become very costly, particularly when dealing with long term health conditions or severe injuries. We recommend that all pet owners take out some form of pet insurance, but how can you know which policy is best for you?

To the uninitiated, pet insurance policy details can be very confusing. To make things easier to understand, Stephen goes over some of the basic terms that are important to understand when choosing a policy. These include:

Annual vs Lifetime

Don’t forget that if you are not sure about anything to do with your pet insurance, we will always do our best to help. We provide 4 weeks free insurance with Pet Plan as part of our puppy and kitten vaccination packages*. This provides you with immediate cover while you go over your options. While we cannot discuss the specifics of other insurance company offerings, we are certainly able to provide general advice about what you should be looking out for. Details for contacting your local Yorkshire Vets surgery can be found using the surgeries link at the top of this page.

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