Pet of the Month – Cody

Cody Pet of the Month


Meet our Morley surgery pet of the month for March 2017, the gorgeous and brave Cody!

Cody first came to see us as she had developed a cough. Medication was given to see if this would settle, but unfortunately she did not improve. Some diagnostic tests were then advised, including x rays and an ultrasound. During these examinations, it was discovered that not only was Cody suffering from hypothyroidism, but she also had a very abnormal spleen.

After lots of discussion, the decision was made for Cody to undergo a splenectomy, which is the removal of her spleen. This is a very delicate procedure and Cody was at a high risk due to her age. With that being said, Cody certainly is looking excellent for a 15 year old! The procedure was performed and her spleen was removed and sent to the laboratory for examination.

Cody recovered extremely well and went home the following day. Cody has surprised everyone with her amazing attitude and speedy recovery. Fortunately the abnormal spleen had benign tumours and the removal should be curative!

The attached photo is of Cody one month after her operation, back to her old self and loving life again. We are over the moon she is doing so well – keep it up girl!

As Pet of the Month, Cody will be awarded with a toy from KONG to enjoy during her recovery.

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