Pet of the Month – Tiny

Tiny the Meanwood Pet of the Month, March 2017


This beautiful Sphynx cat is 3 year old Tiny.

Tiny came to visit us recently, after finding her forever home with her new owner. She was brought her in to start her vaccinations, but her new owner was concerned that she might be showing signs of a pregnancy. Thankfully it turned out that she had just been carrying a little excess weight! Tiny is now happily settled in her new home and has already managed to lose a little weight.

Sphynx’s, despite their appearance, are not entirely hairless. They are actually covered in a fine hair that gives their skin a unique chamois texture. This minimal amount of hair can make the Sphynx an excellent companion for people who have milder allergies to cat hair. For more information about Sphnx cats, why not take a look at our Sphynx Breed Profile?

As our Meanwood surgery Pet of the Month, Tiny will be awarded with a toy from KONG to enjoy in her new home.

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