Pet of the Month – Bailey

Weimaraner Bailey, Shadwell Pet of the Month July 2017

Meet Bailey, a 6 year old Weimaraner, and the Shadwell surgery Pet of the Month for July 2017.

Bailey came in to see us after suffering from some episodes of sickness, way back in April 2016. At this time a lump had also been spotted on his chest. The decision was made to remove this lump, which was sent to the lab for analysis. Tests indicated that this was a benign lump, and Bailey consequently healed up well. Despite a couple of visits in the intervening period, Bailey was largely fit and healthy, until some scabby patches appeared on his skin in February 2017.

One of these scabby patches was at the site of Bailey’s previous lump, while he also had a second lesion on his elbow and a scratch on his nose. He was given a course of antibiotics, which failed to improve the lesions, while the scratch was failing to properly heal. A second lump removal surgery was then performed, which removed the lump on Bailey’s chest. Histopathology indicated that Bailey was suffering from Ulcerative Dermatitis.

Following this diagnosis, Bailey was referred to a Dermatologist. Sadly, the ulceration on his chest and elbow were continuing to deteriorate.

Over the following month, Bailey underwent lots of testing. These tests included skin biopsies, immunodeficiency tests, an ultrasound scan, and bacterial and fungal cultures. Due to the incredibly complex and unusual nature of Bailey’s condition, it was impossible to pin down exactly what he was suffering from, though we suspect that it was a type of vasculitis.

Bailey’s treatment plan included a number of specialists medications, including creams, steroids, anti-fungals, and drugs to improve the blood flow to his skin. He also needed to take drugs to protect his liver from the other medications that he was taking.

Over the following months, Bailey’s skin lesions began to shrink. Despite dealing with some occasional side effects and slight medication changes, he was beginning to return to normal. Thankfully, Bailey now appears to be on the home stretch. He has been a remarkable patient throughout his treatment, and we think he is an incredibly deserving recipient of our Pet of the Month award here at Shadwell.


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