Pet of the Month – Tizzie

Birkenshaw – July 2017

Meet Tizzie, a Tibetan Terrier who will be turning 9 on the 16th July. She is the Birkenshaw surgery Pet of the Month for July 2017.

Tizzie, the Birkenshaw Pet of the Month for July 2017

Tizzie was brought to us in February this year after her owner noticed that she had started drinking and urinating more frequently. We ran some tests, which confirmed that Tizzie had developed diabetes. Following this diagnosis, she was prescribed insulin injections, which are administered daily by her owners. Although this can be intimidating, to begin with, many pet owners adapt very quickly to a schedule of daily injections. Consequently, many diabetic pets are able to live long and happy lives.

As an initial part of treatment for diabetes, it is important for us to ensure that the correct levels of insulin are provided. Because of this, Tizzie had to make frequent visits to us while her glucose levels were carefully monitored. Regardless of the numberĀ of visits and tests, she remained a happy dog throughout and never complained.

Just as we had started to settle Tizzie on a stable dose of insulin, she began to develop cataracts, which is something that diabetic pets can be more prone to. Her sight worsened, she struggled with steps, and she began to bump into things. By the end of April, her sight had almost completely gone. Despite this, she continued to remain a happy, loveable dog. Tizzie underwent surgery in May and had her cataracts removed. Following successful surgery, she is now able to see again. She is now back leading a lovely full, happy life, with her diabetes properly under control.

We think that Tizzie is a worthy choice for our latest Pet of the Month, due to her sunny disposition throughout a fairly lengthy and involved set of treatments. Well done Tizzie!

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