Pet of the Month – Trevor

Morley – July 2017

This star patient and handsome boy is Trevor, who is the Morley surgery pet of the month for July 2017.

Trevor, the Morley surgery Pet of the Month for July 2017

We first saw Trevor after his owners brought him in for a second opinion. He was suffering from a skin condition that had failed to improve with medication. A close inspection of Trevor’s skin revealed a thickened lump under the skin at the base of his tail. We suspected that this lump may be a tumour of some kind. Following this consultation, we admitted Trevor for a closer examination, and to have this lump removed under general anaesthetic. Shaving the area at the base of Trevor’s tail revealed quite a large lump, which had been very difficult to see when Trevor was awake and unshaven!

The Lump

Trevor's lump before the operation

Successful removal of the tumour was tricky, due to its size and location, but with careful surgery, the operation was a success. Trevor’s stitches were removed after a couple of weeks, once the wound had properly closed. After four weeks, this wound had healed up really well.

Trevor's Lump after healing.

More Lumps

Unfortunately, in the following weeks, Trevor began to develop more lumps. As these lumps grew, some ulceration of the skin began to develop. Consequently, we admitted Trevor again for further lump removals.

Clipping Trevor’s fur revealed a large number of lumps. Due to the number and position of these lumps, Trevor was only able to have the sore and ulcerated ones removed. The total number of removed lumps was seven!

Trevor’s surgical sites are now healing up well, and it seems that his skin is starting to feel more comfortable. Due to the prolonged nature of his treatment, and having to have not one, but two surgeries, we think Trevor is a worthy winner of our Pet of the Month award. Well done Trevor. We wish you a continued recovery and all the best in the future!

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