Pet of the Month – Lucy

Shipley – July 2017

This beautiful lady is 12-year-old Lucy the Labrador, who is the Shipley surgery pet of the month for July 2017.

Lucy, the Shipley Pet of the Month, July 2017

Lucy first came to visit us back in February 2017. Her owner had noticed three lumps that she had developed and wanted to have them checked. Due to her age, we decided that the best course of action was to monitor the lumps. If there were any changes, Lucy was to come back in for further investigations.

Lump Growth

When Lucy visited in June, for her booster, we were able to re-examine the lumps. This also gave us the opportunity to discuss any changes that may have occurred with her owner. Because of some small changes, we advised that the lumps should be subjected to a fine-needle aspiration test to determine whether the lumps needed to be removed. The tests indicated that the lump on her right shoulder was possibly a sarcoma, which is a type of cancerous growth. As a result, we booked Lucy in to have the lump removed.

Lucy’s Surgery

Lucy’s surgery went well, with the lump completely removed and sent off to a specialist lab. Test results showed that the lump was indeed a grade II sarcoma. Fortunately, these do not typically spread around the body, but there is a chance that further growths may develop in the area around the first lump. We’re delighted to report that Lucy’s surgical site has now healed up fantastically, as you can see from the photo above.

Pet of the Month

Throughout her treatment, Lucy was such a lovely old lady. She was always very gentle and a pleasure to look after, which is why we think she is a worthy recipient of our Shipley surgery Pet of the Month award for July 2017. Well done Lucy!

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