Pet of the Month – Bella

Armley Pet of the Month Bella

Armley – July 2017

13-year old Bella came to see us back in August 2016. She had lost her appetite and was consequently losing weight fairly quickly. Initial blood tests showed that Bella was suffering from kidney failure, and had also developed hyperthyroidism. To treat her overactive thyroid, we started Bella on some medication. We also recommended a special renal food, designed to help her kidneys to work more efficiently. Over the following month, Bella began to put weight back onĀ and seemed much happier in herself. Initially, she did suffer from some slight skin issues following the introduction of her medication, but these resolved fairly quickly.

A year on

Over the following year, we have seen Bella regularly for blood testing. This allows us to keep an eye on how her medication is working, and ensure that we are always prescribing the correct dose to keep her healthy. Bella continues to sit beautifully for us every time we need to take a blood sample, though she usually gives us a hiss afterwards to tell us off! Because of her continued patience and tolerance throughout her continued visits, we think Bella is a deserving winner of the Armley surgery Pet of the Month award for July 2017. Well done Bella!

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