Pet of the Month – Bazil

Pet of the Month, Bazil. Shadwell surgery August 2017.

Shadwell – August 2017

This is Bazil, a handsome 9-year-old cat, who has recently been receiving treatment at our Shadwell surgery.

Bazil came in to see us at the end of June after returning home one morning with a large wound on his abdomen. Because of the size of the wound, we determined that surgery was required to clean the wound and remove any damaged skin. We also placed a drain, to allow the wound to properly heal. Due to the nature of the wound, there was a reasonable likelihood that this wound could break down, but it was important for us to try and save as much of the skin flap as possible. For the first week or so, everything seemed to be going well. The wound didn’t seem to be causing Bazil much pain and he was able to move around well.

Bazil's wound.

A trip to the hospital

Unfortunately, this did not last, and Bazil’s condition took a down turn. He revisited us after going off his food, and his wound had started to feel warm. This indicated that Bazil’s wound had become infected. By the next day, Bazil’s wound had started to become sore, and he had stopped eating and drinking. In order to stabilise Bazil and investigate further, we sent him to our Thornbury hospital. At the hospital, we began to administer intravenous fluids to help Bazil to regain his strength. We also performed an ultrasound scan, which showed that an abscess had developed underneath the original wound. We immediately operated on Bazil to flush the abscess and place a new drain. During this surgery, we took a swab of the wound to establish the cause of this infection.


Within 24 hours, Bazil was starting to get back to his old self and was ready to go home. Over the next 5 days, the wound began to heal very nicely, and Bazil soon had his stitches and drain removed. The results of the swab test came back showing that Bazil’s wound had remained sterile. This indicated that the abscess may have formed as a reaction to the suture material used to close his wound. Over the next couple of weeks, the wound closed up nicely and Bazil was finally able to get back outside.

After such a horrible injury and a lengthy treatment, we think Bazil is a worthy winner of our Pet of the Month award here at Shadwell. Well done Bazil!

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