Episode 2 – Support Dogs

In our second episode, a celebration of International Assistance Dog Week, we chat to Rita Howson and Danny Anderson of the charity Support Dogs. Support Dogs is a Yorkshire based charity that provides assistance dogs to people in need across the UK.

Support Dogs – Details

This podcast discusses assistance dog charities, with an obvious focus on the work of Support Dogs. First, we talk to Rita Howson, the CEO of Support Dogs, about her role in the charity, the charity’s role in people’s lives, and what goes in to training and providing an assistance dog. We then talk to Danny Anderson, the Fundraising Manager, who discusses the various ways that people can help Support Dogs to continue their valuable work, and offer their services to more people in need. This includes volunteering, donating and fundraising.



Support Dogs CEO, Rita Howson, with Support Dog in Training, peanut.
Support Dogs CEO, Rita Howson, with Support Dog in Training, Peanut.

Assistance Dog Charities

If you are interested in finding out about other assistance dog charities in the UK, please see our recent charity profiles. These are on Dogs for Good, Guide Dogs, and Medical Detection Dogs.
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Helping Support Dogs

To find out more about Support Dogs, you can contact them in the following places:



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