Pet of the Month – Hettie-Bell

Shipley – August 2017

This beautiful girl is Hettie-Bell, who is the Shipley surgery Pet of the Month for August 2017.

Shipley surgery Pet of the Month, August 2017, Hettie-Bell

Hettie-Bell recently came to see us with a problem tooth. While in her puppy crate, she had been trying to chew her way out and managed to fracture one of her canine teeth. As you can imagine, this was very painful. Sometimes we are able to wait for damaged puppy teeth to drop out of their own accord. But due to Hettie-Bell’s young age, we decided that she would have to wait too long for this to happen. As a result, we admitted her for dental surgery.

Because of the size of Hettie-Bell’s teeth, the extraction was fairly simple, and the hole in her gum was small. Within a couple of days, she was back to her old ways, bouncing around and happy. Because of the painful nature of Hettie-Bell’s accident, and her bravery throughout, we think she is a worthy winner of our Pet of the Month award for August 2017. Well done Hettie-Bell!

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