Pet of the Month – Socks

Armley – August 2017

This lovely lady is Socks, who is the Armley surgery Pet of the Month for August 2017.

Pet of the Month - Armley August 2017 - Socks

Socks recently came to see us after her owner had noticed a change in her behaviour. She had suddenly started pawing at her mouth, smacking her lips, excessively salivating and struggling to drink. These symptoms began after Socks had eaten a raw pork bone, so it seemed like this was likely to have started the problem. Because it is very difficult to properly examine a cats mouth while awake, we decided that we should admit her for an anaesthetic. This would allow us to more properly examine Socks’ mouth. If this examination was unsuccessful, it was likely that Socks would need to visit out Thornbury hospital for x-rays and further examination.

We were able to properly examine Socks’ mouth, once we had anaesthetised her. Fortunately, this resulted in a quick and simple diagnosis. Socks had managed to get a piece of bone of around 5mm x 5mm stuck between two teeth. Because of the position of this bone fragment, it had been rubbing against Socks’ tongue and making it very sore. We sent Socks home with some pain killer to keep her pain free while her tongue healed. We also gave strict instructions that Socks should not eat any more bones!

Socks was an incredibly well-behaved patient throughout her visit and was incredibly tolerant despite her pain. Because of this, we think she is a worthy winner of our Pet of the Month award. Well done Socks!

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