Pet of the Month – Mable

Thornbury – August 2017

This gorgeous girl is Mable, who is the Thornbury hospital Pet of the Month for August 2017.

Thornbury Hospital Pet of the Month August 2017 - Mable

Mable’s Story

Mable recently came to see us with a swollen face. This swelling had come on very suddenly, and her owner could not think of any incident that may have caused it. On closer examination, a small amount of bruising was visible on her gums. At this stage, there was some concern that Mable could possibly have an abscess in her gums, or possibly a foreign body from chewing something that may have broken up and become lodged in her mouth. After a lengthy discussion about the options for further investigation, Mable was given some medication to go home with.

Around 24 hours later, Mable became weak and wobbly. When brought back in to the surgery she had become very pale. She had also developed swelling on her neck, bruising inside her mouth, and a blood shot eye. These signs pointed to a possible problem with her blood, which we were able to confirm with blood tests. The pattern of changes in her blood results was consistent with eating rat poison several days earlier. Rat poison blocks Vitamin K production, which is essential for the body to make normal blood clotting factors. At this point, we gave Mable an emergency plasma transfusion, which quickly provided her with blood clotting factors. We also started her on Vitamin K tablets. Within 48 hours she was able to go home, but still required several weeks of Vitamin K tablets to fully recover.

Mable was incredibly lucky to have had a quick diagnosis, thanks to the actions of her owners. This meant that we were able to start life-saving treatment promptly. We are also very grateful to the fantastic work the Pet Blood Bank do in being able to supply blood and plasma for patients like her.

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