Pet of the Month – Otto

Meanwood – August 2017

This laid back young man is Otto, who is the Meanwood surgery Pet of the Month for August 2017.

Meanwood Pet of the Month for August 2017, Otto

Otto the Miniature Dachshund is only 6 months old, but he has already led an adventurous life. When first visiting us as a very young puppy, we noticed that only one of Otto’s testicles was not palpable. While an undescended testicle is not an urgent problem, it is important to keep a close watch to make sure it does descend. If a testicle has not properly descended by around 6 months of age, we recommend castration, as abnormal testicles can cause health problems further down the line. Otto’s owners also took this opportunity to sign him up for our Pet Health Club, which provides all of the preventative care a pet needs throughout the year.

A little while later, Otto came to see us again. He had vomited a few times, and a worm had been present in his faeces. This occurred a couple of weeks after he had eaten a chicken bone, which may have caused gastric problems. Luckily this had not caused an obstruction, and he had been able to pass the chicken bone. He was given some medication, which helped him to fully recover from his sickness.

Otto’s holiday

About a month later, Otto came to see us again, this time for a more exciting reason. Otto was due to go on holiday with his owners to Spain and Portugal! In order to travel, he required a pet passport. We administered a rabies vaccination, and within a week, we had completed Otto’s passport and it was ready for collection.

After sunning himself for a couple of weeks, Otto returned. Unfortunately, his testicle had still not descended. We admitted him for castration, which is a routine procedure but can be a more tricky surgery when dealing with an undescended testicle. Fortunately, this testicle wasn’t too tricky to locate, and Otto was quickly on the road to recovery.

After such an eventful first six months, we think that Otto is a worthy winner of our Pet of the Month. We can’t wait to hear what he gets up to next!

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