Pet of the Month – George

Birkenshaw Pet of the Month - September 2017 - George

Birkenshaw – September 2017

This handsome lad is George, a 10-year-old King Charles Spaniel. He has been a regular visitor here at Birkenshaw over the years and has also made a few visits to our Thornbury Hospital. George has most often visited us with eye and ear infections throughout his life but has also suffered from some dental issues over the years. Because of this, he is a well-known patient here at Birkenshaw.

In April this year, George came to see us with an ulcer on his left eye. Due to the nature of the issue, we referred him to Mr Kinvig, our Ophthalmologist over at Thornbury. We then prescribed him some special drops and a serum that we made up especially for him. After completing this course of treatment, George’s eye was much better!

Unfortunately, in June, George was back again. This time, his owners had noticed that he had started to have problems with his balance. He had started circling to his right and struggled when encouraged to turn left. That night, he stayed with us at Thornbury but was back to normal relatively quickly. We closely monitored him and regularly checked his blood pressure before we sent him home.  A few days later, George had another episode. He fell to one side and became very disorientated. He came back in to see us, and we admitted him for further blood pressure checks. After these tests, we sent George home with some medication.

George has had no further collapses since starting his medication. He did initially suffer from some side effects, but these have reduced since we reduced his dose. George has been a wonderful patient throughout his treatment, so we think he is a worthy winner of our Pet of the Month award for September 2017. Well done, George!

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