Puppy Party

Here at Yorkshire Vets, we are delighted to offer a free puppy party as part of our puppy vaccination package. But what is a puppy party, and how can you and your puppy benefit from coming along?

Three puppies get to know each other at a Puppy Party.
Three puppies get to know each other at a Morley surgery Puppy Party.


The most important part of a puppy party is the socialisation. When attending one of our parties, your puppy will have the chance to play and interact with a number of other dogs of a similar age. This is great for allowing your dog to practice interacting with unfamiliar dogs and people in a safe environment. Dogs that learn these skills at a young age are far less likely to become scared or aggressive in unfamiliar situations as adults. Although this is a great start for your pup, we always advise that you continue socialising your puppy at home and out on walks.


Puppy parties also allow¬†your dog to become familiar with your vet surgery. The parties provide an opportunity for your pup to visit the surgery for a non-clinical reason. This helps it to have a more positive association with the practice. Familiarisation can help reduce any risk of future vet anxiety, which can be very stressful for both dog and owner. The games that our team play during the parties also allow your pup to view veterinary staff in a more positive light. The treats don’t hurt either!


As part of a puppy party, we will discuss basic training. This includes lead walking, toilet training, and biting and mouthing prevention. While your puppy will probably be well on its way to learning these skills, it can be helpful to work on any niggling problems you may be having. If you are having any other issues with training, we are also happy to discuss these with you. Don’t forget that training at a young age typically takes much less time and effort than training as an adult.

Health Advice

While we provide lots of healthcare advice during our primary vaccination appointments, there can be a lot of information to cover in such a short period of time. Puppy parties allow us to cover basic health care topics in more depth. Topics covered include preventative care, neutering, dental care and nutrition.


It is only natural that the¬†first few weeks of puppy ownership can be overwhelming and can raise a number of questions. A puppy party also offers you the chance to have any of these questions answered. Please don’t worry about asking any questions, no matter how stupid they may sound to you. We can assure you that we’ve probably heard every question at least a hundred times before!

Come to a puppy party!

To find out when your local surgery is next having a puppy party, please get in touch. The parties are open to any puppy that has had it’s first vaccination with us, and is under the age of 14 weeks. If your puppy was vaccinated elsewhere, but you have since registered with Yorkshire Vets and would like to come, please give us a call. Priority will go to those who had their vaccinations with us, but spaces are sometimes available. Contact numbers for each surgery can be found on the surgery page.

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