Pet of the Month – Honey

Shadwell Surgery Pet of the Month - September 2017 - Honey

Shadwell – September 2017

Meet Honey, the Shadwell surgery Pet of the Month for September 2017. Honey is a lovely 7-year-old Labradoodle, who is a long time patient here at Yorkshire Vets.

Honey has been a regular visitor at Shadwell over the years. She has not been the luckiest pet in the world, with numerous issues resulting in trips to the surgery. She has also visited our Thornbury hospital on more than one occasion! In 2015, she was diagnosed with Addison’s disease. This is a condition in which the adrenal glands are unable to produce enough steroid hormones. We control Honey’s Addison’s with medication and regular injections, which Honey visits us for every month. This month, however, we received a visit from Honey and her owner far earlier than we were expecting.

Honey’s Accident

While out walking with her owner, Honey had run off to explore. She then managed to catch the skin of her back on a branch, which created a nasty wound. Fortunately, none of the branch had broken off under Honey’s skin. This would have made the situation far more difficult to deal with. We gave her some antibiotics to protect her from getting an infection in the wound and booked her in for surgery the next morning. Honey then spent the day with us for a general anaesthetic and we were able to fully clean and stitch her wound. Her wound is now well on the mend and we hope to remove her stitches at her next visit.

No matter how many times Honey has to come in for treatment, she is always happy to pay us a visit. It probably doesn’t hurt that she’s a huge fan of the gravy bones! Because of her long history of treatment here at Yorkshire Vets, and her sunny disposition throughout, we think Honey is a worthy winner of our Pet of the Month award for September 2017. Well done Honey!

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