Pet of the Month – Frankster

Pet of the Month for Shipley - September 2017 - Frankster

Shipley – September 2017

Meet Frankster the 7-year-old cat, who is the Shipley surgery Pet of the Month for September 2017.

Frankster came to see us recently after a few incidents of vomiting. He had also become lethargicĀ and had not been eating properly. Our clinical examination revealed a neck lesion on one of his teeth. This is a condition in which the tooth is resorbed by the gum. The tooth then begins to break down, which can cause serious discomfort. Although this would explain Frankster’s lack of appetite, it would not normally be a cause for vomiting. To check that there was no underlying medical condition, we decided to send some of his blood for testing. This would also ensure that Frankster was well enough to undergo a general anaesthetic for his dental procedure. We also prescribed some pain relief and antibiotics. These would make Frankster’s mouth less painful so that he could eat, and tackle any infection within the neck lesion.

Frankster’s blood test results came back within the expected ranges, so we were safe to go ahead with his dental procedure. He had also responded well to his medication, which was a good indicator that dental surgery would resolve his symptoms.

Dental Surgery

Shortly after reporting Frankster’s blood results to his owner, we booked him in for dental surgery. While he was under anaesthetic, we were able to remove the problem tooth. During this closer examination, we also discovered an issue with another of his teeth, which we were then able to remove. We then gave Frankster’s remaining teeth a thorough scale and polish to best protect them against future problems. Later that day, we were able to send him home to recover.

Frankster has since made a full recovery and is back to his old self. As you can see above, he is quite the laid back ladĀ and is a worthy winner of our Pet of the Month award. Well done Frankster!

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