Pet of the Month – Barney

Pet of the Month - Meanwood - September 2017 - Barney

Meanwood – September 2017

Meet Barney the cat, who is just over a year old. He is the Meanwood surgery Pet of the Month for September 2017.

Barney first came to see us in July. He lives on a farm and had been found with an injured face. Our examination revealed that he had fractured one of his canine teeth. His jaw also appeared uneven. To check exactly what damage Barney had done, we sent him over to our Thornbury hospital for x-rays under general anaesthetic. These x-rays revealed a double fracture to Barney’s jaw. We were then able to wire his jaw to give it stability while it healed. He also required stitching in his gum to support the second fracture. After his surgery, Barney was ready to go home. We prescribed some painkillers to make him comfortable during his recovery, as well as some antibiotics to prevent infection in his surgical sites.

Barney’s recovery

The next day, back at Meanwood, Barney paid us another visit. He appeared much more comfortable during this examination and was eating and drinking well. Within a week, we were able to remove the sutures supporting the back of his jaw. Over the next few weeks, Barney was doing really well. We booked him in to remove his wire, which required a further anaesthetic. We are delighted to say that his wire removal took place today (the 18th September) and he is recovering well. His jaw is now stable and we’re sure he is looking forward to getting home. As before, we have sent him home with some antibiotics to protect against infection, and look forward to seeing him again in a couple of weeks for what we hope will be a final check.

After such a painful injury we think that Barney is a worthy recipient of our Pet of the Month award for September 2017. Well done Barney!

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