Pet of the Month – Taz

Pet of the Month - September 2017 - Thornbury Hospital -Taz

Thornbury – September 2017

This is Taz, the Thornbury Hospital Pet of the Month for September 2017.

Taz came to see us in agony recently, due to a blocked bladder caused by urethral obstruction. This is usually caused by either a small “mucous plug”, a kidney stone, or severe muscle spasm. When this forms a complete blockage, the cat cannot empty their bladder and it becomes very enlarged and painful. This can then lead to acute kidney failure and dangerously high blood potassium levels, both of which are life-threatening.

Life-saving surgery

In Taz’s case, we were able to remove the blockage under general anaesthetic by carefully passing a catheter into his bladder. We then repeatedly flushed his bladder with saline to remove as much blood and debris as possible. This reduces the risk of further blockages. We then administered medication to reduce pain and muscle spasm of his urethra. We also kept him on intravenous fluids, to keep him hydrated and support his kidneys. During his recovery, we used blood testing to monitor his kidneys and electrolyte balance.

In order to fully monitor Taz during his recovery, he spent three nights in our hospital. During this time, we were able to continue his medication and monitor his urine levels. Urethral obstructions can, unfortunately, recur despite treatment and all cats that have had an episode of this problem are at risk of it happening again in future. Because of this, we had regular visits from Taz over the following weeks. This allowed us to closely monitor him for signs of recurrence. Taz is now doing very well and we have our fingers crossed that his bladder blockage will not return.

Taz was incredibly lucky to have been diagnosed and treated so quickly. This is largely thanks to the actions of his owners, as a quick response meant we could start life-saving treatment promptly. We think Taz is a worthy winner of our Pet of the Month award this month. Well done, Taz!

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