Pet of the Month – Stan

Horsforth Pet of the Month - September 2017 - Stan

Horsforth – September 2017

This is Stan, the Horsforth surgery Pet of the Month for September 2017.

A year ago today (20th September), Stan was out walking in Escholt woods, when he ran off. He finally reappeared after being gone for some time. He was struggling to breathe and he was bleeding from multiple wounds across his body. Upon examination, the injuries looked similar to those caused by a collision with a car. Because of where the incident occurred, however, we believe that Stan was actually hit by a train!

As soon as Stan arrived at our Thornbury hospital, we swiftly administered pain relief and began treating him for shock. We began a course of intravenous fluids, tested his blood pressure, and took some blood for testing. Although Stan had multiple wounds, none of them was significant enough to require urgent treatment. Our number one priority was to stabilise him and help him recover from the shock of his accident. Once stabilised, we closely monitored him overnight. The next day, he would be ready for us to more closely examine his injuries.

Remarkably, Stan had remained fairly bright in his kennel overnight. We anaesthetised him for x-rays, and to deal with his wounds. These were thoroughly cleaned and debrided to give them the best chance of properly healing. X-rays revealed that Stan had sustained damage to his jaw and teeth. Because of the nature of the injuries, we decided that we had to refer him to a specialist veterinary dentist.

Over the next few days, Stan recovered really well. His wounds began to heal nicely and he was getting happier every day. He was soon able to go home and, following further treatment with Bob Partridge, was able to make a full recovery.

Stan the Scavenger

Unfortunately, Stan’s walking adventures do not end there. Stan recently paid us another visit after finding some chocolate while out on a walk. He was able to eat it all in an instant before his owner was able to stop him. Fortunately, due to his owner’s quick actions, we were able to give Stan an injection in time to make him vomit before he could properly digest the chocolate. Because of this timely intervention, Stan was luckily able to be happily back to his old self within a couple of hours.

Due to the severe trauma that Stan underwent during his encounter with a train, and his adventurous spirit, we think that he is a worthy winner of our Pet of the Month award this month. Well done Stan!

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