Pet of the Month – Jellybean

Morley surgery Pet of the Month - October 2017 - Jellybean

Morley – October 2017

Meet Jellybean, theĀ Morley surgery Pet of the Month for October 2017.

Poor Jellybean hasn’t had the best start in life. Only two days after leaving her breeder, her new owners brought her to see us. She had developed a cough that they wanted us to have a look at. We prescribed her some medication to treat her cough, but unfortunately, it continued. Over the next few days, she became very wheezy and started bringing up phlegm. She also became lethargic and started to lose her appetite.

Due to the deterioration of her condition, and concern for her health, we referred Jellybean to our Thornbury hospital. On arrival at Thornbury, we admitted her for diagnostic tests. These included x-rays and blood tests. We also began to administer intravenous fluid therapy.

Jellybean’s test results revealed that she was suffering from pneumonia. This is a swelling of the tissue in the lungs and is a very serious condition. We nursed her by the hour and administered some very aggressive treatment over the next few days. Eventually, her coughing symptoms started to subside and we were able to allow her to go home to continue her recovery.


Although Jellybean was recovering well, her treatment was not over yet. Over the next three days, she had to come back to visit us, first to the Thornbury surgery and then the Morley surgery. To start with, she needed twice daily visits for intravenous antibiotics and further treatment. Although this would have been uncomfortable and stressful for her, she was a very brave little girl and handled it very well.

Over the next 3 weeks, Jellybean continued to improve at home and continuing checkups. Last week she came for her final check and was at last well enough to start her vaccine course. We’re delighted that she has recovered so well and can finally start her life with her family. Well done Jellybean. A worthy Pet of the Month winner!

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