Pet of the Month – Mollie

Shadwell Pet of the Month - October 2017 - Mollie

Shadwell – October 2017

This is Mollie, the Shadwell surgery Pet of the Month for October 2017. 12-year-old Mollie was adopted from the Dogs Trust this year on their shared adoption scheme. This scheme helps to support the rehoming of dogs that may be older, or have ongoing medical conditions.

Mollie first visited us shortly after moving to her new home. She was having problems with itchy skin and blocked anal glands. During treatment for these problems, we also discovered a mammary lump. Consequently, we booked Mollie in to have her anal glands flushed and her lump scanned and biopsied. The results of the scan and biopsy revealed that the lump was a lipoma, which is a benign fatty mass. In the following weeks, we were able to settle Mollie’s skin with medication, and her anal gland flush proved successful in resolving her anal gland problem.

Mollie’s Dental Surgery

Mollie came to see us again recently with a swollen face. We suspected that this was the result of a tooth root abscess, but would not be sure without an anaesthetic, as we were unable to properly examine her mouth while she was awake. We booked her in for dental surgery, which confirmed our diagnosis. During this surgery, we were able to remove the tooth that was causing the abscess, as well as a second problem tooth. The dental had gone well, and we began to bring Mollie around from her anaesthetic.

Unfortunately, Mollie ran into some complications during recovery. As a result, we had to take her over to our Thornbury Hospital for monitoring. Mollie recovered well over the next 24 hours and was able to go home the following day. She is now happily back at home and is doing really well, despite her scare. Despite her frequent visits, Mollie has been a fantastic patient and is a worthy winner of this month’s Pet of the Month award. Well done Mollie!

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