Pet of the Month – Liddie

Thornbury Hospital Pet of the Month - October 2017 - Liddie

Thornbury Hospital – October 2017

This is Liddie, the Thornbury Hospital Pet of the Month for October 2017.

Liddie came to see us after being attacked by another dog. She had sustained a large wound to the side of her chest. We admitted her for surgery to suture the wound and place a drain to help with healing. As Liddie recovered well from her surgery, we were able to send her home the next day, with antibiotics and pain relief to keep her comfortable. Unfortunately, she then visited us a little sooner than expected, after chewing her drain out. Naughty Liddie!

Liddie's Wound
Liddie’s wound

Wound Breakdown

Five days after the initial injury, we found that Liddie’s wound was starting to break down. This meant that the skin surrounding it had started to die. This is not uncommon after a dog attack, as the pressure of the bite on the tissues can cause damage to the blood supply to the skin. This can result in patches of skin dying off as time goes on.

We carried out a further surgery to remove all the dead tissue, however, this left Liddie with a large open wound. Unfortunately, due to the size of the affected area, it was not possible for us to fully close the wound. We packed the wound with hydrogel, which encourages granulation of the tissues. We then covered this with a tie over dressing. On top of this, we then used a body bandage to protect the dressing. We also placed an intra-wound catheter, so that we could apply local anaesthetic for pain relief. We were able to remove this after 10 days, once she was more comfortable.

Liddie's wound during healing
Liddie’s wound during healing


Liddie has been coming in regularly over the last five weeks to see our nurses and have her dressings changed. We are delighted to report that, after this lengthy post-op care, she is now fully healed. Due to the tolerance she has displayed during each of these dressing changes, and how well this large wound has healed, we feel she is fully deserving of our Pet of the Month award!

Liddie's wound, fully healed.
Liddie’s wound, fully healed!
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