Pet of the Month – Tom

Armley surgery Pet of the Month - October 2017 - Tom

Armley – October 2017

Meet Tom, the Armley surgery Pet of the month for October 2017. Tom first came to see us in mid-September after his owners noticed that he was not himself, and hadn’t eaten for a couple of days. When we were able to examine him, we immediately noticed that his bladder was completely filled and solid to the touch. This was a very concerning symptom, as a blocked bladder can become fatal very quickly. Even when we are able to quickly remove the blockage, there is a high risk of acute kidney failure.

In order to treat Tom’s condition, it was important that we acted fast. He would require urgent intensive care and, even with swift treatment, his prognosis was poor. To receive the level of care required, we admitted Tom to our hospital. We were then able to catheterise him and relieve the strain on his bladder. We also flushed his bladder to help prevent further blockage. Blood test results showed that Tom’s kidneys were struggling, so we administered some medication to help them recover. We also placed him on intravenous fluids to support his recovery.


Over the next 24 hours, Tom’s condition gradually began to improve. From being very lifeless on admission, we were even able to tempt him with a very small amount of food only a day later! As his blood test results improved, and his urine became clearer and more normal, Tom began to show further signs of recovery. After three nights in the hospital, Tom was up and about in his kennel and ready to go home to his family. We sent him home with medication to continue his recovery. We also booked him in for a follow-up visit the following day.

At his next visit, Tom was doing well. He had been urinating at home and eating a good amount of food. Over the next couple of days, this remarkable recovery continued. He would need to continue on medication for a while, but it looked like Tom was going to be ok. Due to his poor prognosis on admission, and his fighting spirit in recovery, we think that Tom is a worthy winner of this month’s Pet of the Month award. Well done Tom!

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