Pet of the Month – Chance

Horsforth surgery Pet of the Month - October 2017 - Chance

Horsforth Surgery – October 2017

This is Chance, the Horsforth surgery Pet of the Month for October 2017. Chance is very lucky to have found a second chance in life, after an unconventional route to his new home. His new owner was driving along the A43 in Oxford and pulled over in a lay-by. As she sat in the lay-by, she saw a van pull up. The passenger side door of the van then opened, and a box tumbled out into the lay-by. The van then sped off.

Out of curiosity, she got out to investigate and saw the box moving. Inside the box (fastened only by the tucked in cardboard flaps) was a cold, frightened little pup. She called to arrange an appointment for the following morning, and made her way home, with little Chance curled up next to her.

A visit to the vets

Chance came to see us the next day, as he was quite underweight and suffering from diarrhoea. Because of this, we sent him home with some medication to help his digestion. Over the next few weeks, this medication started to work, and he began putting on weight. After a month in his new home, Chance had fully recovered. Now that he was well, we could start his vaccinations to keep him protected against further illness.

When Chance first visited us, he was very quiet and nervous, as you might expect, but it has been lovely seeing the relationship between him and his new owner developing. During the time he has spent with his new owner, Chance has become much more confident and happy, and they have developed a really sweet bond.

Chance was very lucky to have been found by such loving owners. If they were not sitting in the lay-by that fateful day, his story could have ended very differently. Because of the difficult start to life that Chance has had, we think he is a worthy winner of this month’s Pet of the Month award. Well done Chance!

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