Pet of the Month – Dodger

 Shipley Surgery Pet of the MOnth - October 2017 - Dodger

Shipley – October 2017

This is Dodger, a 3-year-old Bengal cat, who is the Shipley surgery Pet of the Month for October 2017.

Dodger came to see us recently after his owners had returned from holiday to find him with a deep wound on his left foreleg. Due to the lack of other wounds, there was no indication of how he had managed to injure himself. As the wound was very deep, penetrating right down into the muscle, it was going to require stitches to fully heal. At first glance, the wound looked remarkably clean, but it was also important that we properly examined it for any foreign material. We booked Dodger in for the next day for an anaesthetic.

Dodger’s surgery

During Dodger’s surgery, we examined the wound. This was fairly tricky, as although the wound was very deep, the entry point was relatively small. Luckily we did not find any foreign material in the wound and were able to flush and clean it thoroughly. We then closed the wound, which required three layers of stitching due to its depth. For the internal sutures, we used a material that dissolves over time. For the skin sutures, a nylon material was used, which would need to be removed once the wound had healed. We were then able to send Dodger home the same day, with antibiotics to protect against infection.


Three days later, Dodger return for a checkup. At this stage, the wound was healing well and there was no sign of inflammation or infection. A week later, he was back again. The wound was healing really well and was at the stage where we could happily remove the skin stitches.

Due to the nasty nature of Dodger’s wound, we think that he is a worthy winner of our Pet of the Month award for October 2017. Congratulations Dodger!

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