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Yorkshire Vets Shadwell Pet of the Month - November 2017 - Eddie

Shadwell – November 2017

This is Eddie, a handsome 5-year-old crossbreed dog, who is the Shadwell surgery Pet of the Month for November 2017. Eddie came to visit us at the end of September after being reluctant to eat and suffering from bouts of vomiting. His owner also reported that he had been having ‘funny turns’, during which he was twitchy and unbalanced. Because of the unusual nature of these episodes, we then spoke to a neurological specialist, who advised a series of blood tests.

Eddie’s blood results came back from the lab, but unfortunately, there were no really significant abnormalities present. For the next step, we arranged an ultrasound scan for Eddie. This was to check his liver for problems that could be causing his symptoms. Sadly, the results of this scan were also fairly unremarkable. At this stage, we decided that it was best to refer Eddie to a specialist Neurologist at Pride Vets in Derby. Shortly after his first referral visit, Eddie started to have seizures.


An MRI scan revealed that Eddie had a number of lesions in his brain. These were suspected to be a result of a condition called meningoencephalitis, which causes inflammation and swelling in the brain. This swelling is down to the body’s immune system attacking the nervous system. Although this is a very serious condition, it is one that can be receptive to treatment in many cases. Eddie’s response to the first stage of treatment would be key. The referral vets administered high doses of corticosteroids to suppress his immune system.

At this stage, Eddie began responding well to his medication and was able to continue his recovery at home. The neurologist also booked him in for several cycles of low-dose chemotherapy, which would support the ongoing use of steroids.

After his first two chemotherapy treatments, Eddie is responding well. There is still a long way to go, and his treatment cycle will not be complete for another couple of months, but we are optimistic about his chances for a full recovery. Due to the ongoing treatment that Eddie is undergoing, and his tolerance through such an extended treatment process, we think that Eddie is a worthy winner of this month’s Pet of the Month award. Well done Eddie!

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