Pet of the Month – Chico

Birkenshaw Pet of the Month - November 2017 - Chico

Birkenshaw – November 2017

This is 3-year-old Chico, a British Shorthair cat, who is the Birkenshaw surgery Pet of the Month for November 2017.

Chico has been a fairly regular visitor here at Yorkshire Vets over the last few years. He first came to see us with intermittent lameness on one of his front legs. This did not appear to be due to an injury, as there were no wounds or swelling on the leg. We booked Chico in for neutering not long after this problem presented. This gave us the perfect opportunity to x-ray his legs under the same anaesthetic. These x-rays revealed that Chico’s front legs were not growing quite as expected. As this issue was not significantly affecting Chico, we decided to allow him time to grow before any further intervention.

In the following year, Chico began to develop dental problems. To begin with, Chico’s owners did a fantastic job keeping his teeth clean, but eventually, he needed some dental work done under anaesthetic. As the lameness had persisted during this period and Chico was now fully grown, this gave us a perfect opportunity to x-ray his legs again. These follow-up x-rays revealed that Chico was suffering from congenital shoulder dysplasia. After discussing this with Chico’s owner, we decided that we would manage this condition with medication at this stage. We would then be able to discuss surgery at a later date if necessary.

Since this diagnosis, Chico has done well on a combination of painkillers and joint support medication. His owner’s continued dedication to his oral health has meant that he has not required any further dental surgery, which is fantastic. Due to the ongoing condition that Chico has had to deal with during his relatively short life, we think that he is a worthy winner of our latest Pet of the Month award. Well done Chico!

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  1. What a stunning cat – glad he has no long term problems. His owners are amazing having the patience to nurture Chico. Well done

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