Pet of the Month – Jade

Shipley surgery Pet of the Month - November 2017 - Jade
Jade (bottom) with her partner in crime, Jessie.

Shipley – November 2017

This is Jade, a 5-month-old kitten that is the Shipley surgery Pet of the Month for November 2017.

Jade and her sister Jessie came in to see us recently for neutering. This is normally a routine procedure with a very low risk of complications. Prior to every surgery, we perform a full clinical examination. We followed this procedure as normal with both Jade and Jessie, with both appearing to be in good health. We first neutered Jessie, with her operation going as smoothly as expected. The next surgery was Jade’s.

Anaesthetic Trouble

Unfortunately, part way through Jade’s anaesthetic, she ran into complications. Due to the close monitoring of Jade’s vital signs, the nursing team were able to quickly alert the operating vet to the problem. Thanks to this quick response, the team were swiftly able to stabilise Jade. We then administered intravenous fluids to help her recover. Because of the complications that Jade experienced, we also needed to help Jade to bring her temperature back up to within a more normal range.

During anaesthetics, patients are unable to regulate their body temperature as normal, so it is crucial that Nurses and Nursing Assistants regularly check for any changes. To keep Jade cosy we used lots of blankets and wrapped her feet up to stop heat leaving her extremities. We had already placed her on a heat mat prior to the surgery but added warmed wheat sacks to increase her temperature. After a short while, her temperature began to rise and soon returned to normal. By this time Jade had woken up and was happily purring away.


When the vet was happy Jade wasn’t going to have any further problems, we popped her back in her kennel. Almost immediately, she began purring and demanding cuddles. She had no idea of the complications that had occurred while she was under anaesthetic! We then took her off her fluids and reunited her with her sister. Once they were fully awake, we gave them both some tasty dinner and closely monitored them for the rest of the day. Fortunately, there were no further complications and all that the pair needed were cuddles and attention. Both Jade and her sister Jessie had no idea they had caused such a fuss and were overjoyed when their owner came to collect them. It’s lucky that cats have 9 lives!

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