Pet of the Month – Poppy

Morley Pet of the Month - November 2017 - Poppy

Morley – November 2017

This little love is Poppy, the Morley surgery Pet of the Month for November 2017. Back in October 2016, Poppy ruptured the cruciate ligament in her right hind leg. In the vast majority of cases, cruciate rupture occurs due to a degeneration of the ligament and is not due to injury. The rupture of a cruciate causes lameness in the leg and requires surgical intervention to correct.

Cruciate Repair

Cruciate repair is a major orthopaedic procedure and, after discussions with one of our surgeons, we booked Poppy in at our Thornbury hospital to undergo the surgery. The aftercare for cruciate surgery is intense, involving physiotherapy, strict rest with specific exercise plans and lots of pain relief. Unfortunately, Poppy’s recovery from her surgery wasn’t as successful as we had hoped. Failure of a cruciate repair is rare but does occur from time to time, particularly with dogs that are difficult to keep calm and inactive during their recovery.  Because of this failure, Poppy then had to undergo further radiographs and more surgery to correct the problems. Thankfully, after this second intervention, Poppy recovered well and was able to use her leg as normal.

Further Problems

All was going well for Poppy until, in October this year, she paid us another visit here at Morley. Sadly, she had started to develop lameness on her other hind leg. Unfortunately, it is fairly common for dogs that have suffered from cruciate disease to have further cruciate issues later in life. We performed x-ray scans, which confirmed that poor Poppy had ruptured her other cruciate ligament! She required further surgery to fix this and another lengthy period of aftercare.

Throughout her treatment, Poppy has been so brave and such a sweetheart and we think she is a well-deserved winner of our Pet of the Month award here at Morley. She came to see us last week and is recovering well but still has a long way to go. Keep it up Pops!

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