Pet of the Month – Mabel

 Mabel - Armley Surgery Pet of the Month - November 2017

Armley – November 2017

Meet Mabel, the Armley surgery Pet of the month for November 2017. Mabel came to see us back in April after starting to suffer from skin irritation. She had started to lose some of the fur on her abdomen and her skin was slightly scabby. We sent her home with some special shampoo, which is designed to soothe the skin. Unfortunately, only a few days later, Mabel came back to see us again. Unfortunately, her skin had now become infected. As a result, we prescribed her with a course of antibiotics.

Mabel’s antibiotic treatment worked well to clear up the issue at first but, around six weeks after her previous visit, she was back at the surgery again. This time, the skin on her abdomen had started to ulcerate. This appeared to be a result of Mabel repeatedly licking the area. Because of the repeat occurrence of these skin flare-ups, we suspected that there may be some form of allergy at the root of her problems. We gave Mabel and her owner some new medication to try. We also suggested that she wear a t-shirt to prevent her from licking the affected area. Yet again, she returned only a few days later after her skin had developed another infection. We prescribed some further antibiotics and Mabel healed up nicely again.

Three months passed with no incident before Mabel was back to see us again with more skin problems. Unfortunately, the diagnosis and treatment of allergies can be a lengthy and expensive process. Because of this, we decided to continue with treatment for now and reassess if the problem flared up again. Sadly, only a few weeks after healing up, Mabel was back again. This time, we sent off a sample of Mabel’s blood for allergy testing.

Allergy Results

The results for Mabel’s allergy results came back showing that she has a number of allergies. As she could possibly run into some of these allergens out in the world, she would need a specially formulated immunotherapy course to protect her against them. She would also need to avoid any food with green beans in from now on!

Mabel’s new immunotherapy medication has now arrived and we have also been able to start her on a new drug to help soothe her itching. It’s still early days in Mabel’s treatment plan, but now that we have a diagnosis, we hope that she will stay scratch-free from now on. Due to the long-term nature of her condition, we think Mable is a worthy winner of our Pet of the Month award this month. Well done Mabel!

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2 thoughts on “Pet of the Month – Mabel

  1. Well done, Mabel. Well deserved win. Here’s to many years health from now on. Woof-Woof! Will your name be put forward to a pet of the year competition now?

    1. A deserved win indeed! As the winner of the Armley award, Mabel was entered into the overall Yorkshire Vets Pet of the Month award. This was voted for on our Facebook pages and finished today. Unfortunately for Mabel, she didn’t quite make it as top dog on this occasion. To keep an eye on any future Pet of the Month awards, please see our Facebook page:
      Thank you

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