Pet of the Month – Scud

Scud - Thornbury Hospital Pet of the Month - November 2017

Thornbury – November 2017

This is Scud, the Thornbury hospital Pet of the Month for November 2017.

Scud came to see us after developing a sudden lameness following a jump from a wall. On examination, we found that his left elbow was very painful and had a restricted range of movement. To properly diagnose the problem, we then admitted him for further assessment and x-rays. We also administered pain-killers to settle his pain.


X-ray results showed that Scud had not broken anything, but had developed arthritis, with the worst affected joint being his right elbow. Unfortunately, Scud’s pain-killers were not having the desired effect, so he remained very uncomfortable. At this stage, we began to administer a continued infusion of several opiate drugs, which were to last for several days. Sadly, Scud remained very unwell and was refusing to eat.

Septic Arthritis

At this stage, we began to administer a long course of antibiotics, as we believed there was a possibility of septic arthritis in his joint. Septic arthritis is the bacterial infection of a joint, which is potentially fatal. Fortunately, Scud began to respond well to his antibiotics. Over the following days, with lots of love and TLC, we nursed him back to health. He even began to happily eat again. We were then able to slowly wean Scud off his strong painkillers, before sending him home to complete his recovery.

Scud's first night at home.
Scud’s first night at home.


Over the following weeks, Scud continued his recovery. He has been attending hydrotherapy sessions, which can be beneficial for joint recovery and for arthritis. At his last visit, Scud was doing really well and we were able to advise a gradually increasing exercise schedule. Due to his painful hospital stay and continued treatment, we think Scud is a worthy winner of our Pet of the Month award. Well done Scud, we wish you well in your continued recovery.

Scud out and about.
Scud will hope to be back to his old active lifestyle soon.
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