Pets of the Month – Oscar and Charlie

Charlie and Oscar - Horsforth Surgery Pet of the Month - November 2017

Horsforth – November 2017

These gorgeous Ragdoll cats are Oscar and Charlie, the Horsforth surgery‘s joint Pets of the Month for November 2017.

Charlie was a new addition to the family when we first saw him back in September. He came in after developing inflammation around his eyes, which were also producing a sticky discharge. He had also been sneezing a little. We prescribed him some eye drops to help soothe his eyes and booked him in for a check-up a few days later. At this follow up appointment¬†Charlie’s eyes had begun to improve, but still required further treatment. We booked him in for another check-up the following week.

Charlie and Oscar getting to know each other
Unfortunately, this wonderful bond between the brothers is likely how the infection was passed!

The following week, the day after Charlie’s next check-up, we were visited by Oscar. Oscar was now beginning to develop the same symptoms as Charlie. It appeared that, while getting to know each other, Charlie had managed to pass on his illness to Oscar! We suspected that the pair may have picked up a¬†Chlamydophila infection, which we are able to treat with antibiotics.

Over the following weeks, the two continued to visit us for examinations. With the continued application of medication, they gradually improved and eventually, Charlie was well enough to finally start his vaccinations. Unfortunately, Oscar has had a slight flare up since returning to health, but thankfully this should clear up nicely now that he is receiving further treatment.

Best brothers having a nap.
Aren’t they the cutest little family?

Despite their regular visits to the surgery, Oscar and Charlie have been wonderful patients. Because of this, and the unfortunate passing of the infection between these new brothers, we think that they are worthy winners of this month’s Pet of the Month award. Well done Oscar and Charlie!

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