Pet of the Month – Axel

Morley Pet of the Month - December 2017 - Axel

Morley – December 2017

This handsome lad is Axel, the Morley surgery Pet of the Month for December 2017.

Axel first came to see us back in November after suffering from hair loss on his shoulders and flank. To diagnose the problem, we took some skin scrapes (samples of the skin’s surface) to examine under the microscope. This allowed us to look for any mite or louse infestation that may be present. Upon examination, we discovered that Axel was suffering from demodectic mange. This is a condition caused by a tiny mite, Demodex canis, that lives in the hair follicles of all dogs. Most dogs suffer no side effects from the presence of Demodex mites, but if a dog has a weakened or immature immune system, they can cause problems.

The treatment for demodectic mange involves a series of baths with a special chemical solution. Because of the potency of the chemicals in this medication, we have to administer the medication at the surgery. This means that Axel is currently spending one day each week with us. In most cases, treatment requires 4-6 baths, though particularly stubborn infestations can require more.

After his first four baths, Axel’s skin has started to look a lot better and his fur is beginning to regrow. Unfortunately, his latest skin scrapes are still showing evidence of Demodex. This means that we have extended his treatment schedule over the next two weeks. Given his progress at this point, we have high hopes that these extra two baths will be enough to give him the all clear.

Despite his regular visits, Axel continues to show tremendous levels of excitement whenever he pays us a visit. He has been a superb patient throughout his treatment and has been a pleasure to nurse. Because of this, we think he is a worthy winner of our Pet of the Month award. Well done Axel!

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