Pet of the Month – Max

Armley Surgery Pet of the Month December 2017 - Max
Max, complete with the corneal ulcer.

Armley – December 2017

This is Max the Beagle, who is the Armley surgery Pet of the Month for December 2017. 5-month-old Max came to see us back in November after having a run in with his resident feline friend. Max had managed to get a little too close for comfort and had received a scratch to the eye. Following the scratch, he had been unable to open his eye properly. There was also discharge coming from the eye. To properly examine the surface of the eye, we applied some special drops, which revealed a scratch of around 4mm in the centre of his cornea. We prescribed some pain relief and eye drops to help the eye to heal, before sending Max home to continue his recovery.


Two days later, Max came back for a check-up. Unfortunately, an ulcer had developed on the cornea. This was significant enough that we were unable to see the iris.  In order to resolve this issue, we prescribed some different drops and a corneal repair gel.

A few days later, we saw Max back again for another examination. The ulcer had started to reduce and was showing signs of healing. Unfortunately, we were still unable to really see what was going on inside the eye. Because of this, and the risk of infection from this type of wound, we prescribed a course of antibiotics to support Max’s recovery.

Max healed
Max’s eye after treatment.


Just over a week later, Max came back to see us again. His eye had made a remarkable recovery and, apart from a small amount of scarring, had now completely healed. Given the swift reaction, once we had prescribed antibiotics, we suspect that there may have been inflammation within the eye, caused by an infection following the injury. After receiving such a painful injury at such a young age, we think Max is fully deserving of our Pet of the Month award. Well done Max!

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