Pet of the Month – Spike

Shipley Pet of the Month - December 2017 - Spike

Shipley – December 2017

Meet Spike, the Shipley surgery Pet of the Month for December 2017. Spike first came to see us back in November after his owner noticed an infected wound on his leg. Due to the small puncture wound, it is likely that this was caused by something like a cat bite. In order to properly flush and clean the wound, we would need to admit Spike to have an anaesthetic.

The next morning, Spike was back for his anaesthetic. During the surgery, we were able to remove a large amount of pus from the wound, before flushing it with an antibacterial solution. We also removed some dead tissue from around the wound. After stitching the wound up, we were able to send Spike home later that day. He was to wear a buster collar to keep him from messing with the wound, and given a course of antibiotics to prevent further infection.

Unfortunately, the following day, Spike was back again. Being the mischevious boy that he is, he had managed to get his buster collar off and reopen his wound! Because of the damage that he had done to the wound, it was necessary for us to book Spike in again for another anaesthetic. The next day, Spike had his second anaesthetic. Again, we fully cleaned the wound before removing any damaged tissue and stitching it up.

Over the next few days, Spike kept his buster collar in place and his wound began to heal. Just over a week after his second surgery, we were able to remove his stitches. The wound had healed up nicely and was showing no further sign of infection.

After the ordeal of two surgeries, two days apart, we think Spike is a worthy winner of our Pet of the Month award. Well done Spike!

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