Pet of the Month – Dylan

Horsforth Pet of the Month - December 2017 - Dylan

Horsforth – December 2017

This is Dylan the Dalmatian, the Horsforth surgery Pet of the Month for December 2017.

Dylan came to see us back in October, having developed three lumps. To properly assess these lumps, we took samples of the material inside the lumps using a needle. We then placed the samples on slides and sent them to the lab for analysis. When the results came back they were inconclusive, but could not rule out cancerous growth without further testing. In order to test the lumps further, we would need to send larger samples, so at this point, it made sense for the lumps to be surgically removed. We could then send these full lumps for further analysis.

Because of the complexity of the surgery, we booked Dylan in at our Thornbury hospital for his surgery. We were able to successfully remove all three of the lumps but, because of the position of one particular lump, the wound was fairly tricky to close. This meant that we would have to very carefully monitor the wound during healing. We then sent these lumps to the lab for analysis.

During his anaesthetic, Dylan also experienced an irregular rhythm in his heartbeat. Because of this, we had to closely monitor his heart during recovery and perform electrocardiograms (ECGs) to ensure that this was a side-effect from the anaesthetic, rather than an ongoing heart problem.

Dylan Checking his ECG
Dylan kept a close eye on his ECG while in the hospital!


Fortunately, over the next 24 hours, Dylan’s heart rhythms returned to normal and he was able to go home. Over the following weeks, he visited us regularly for bandage changes. It was important for the bandages to be fairly loose in order to ensure proper blood flow to the wound that had been difficult to close. Because of this, it was important to regularly change the bandages to keep the wound clean. This also allowed us to closely monitor healing. We also received the lab analysis of Dylan’s lumps, which revealed that they were benign growths. The lab also noted that we had successfully removed all margins of the lump, so the risk of repeated growth was thankfully reduced.

Dylan has now had his bandage removed and is recovering really well. His recovery from surgery has been a long process, but he has been a delightful patient throughout. We’re sure you’ll agree that he is a worthy winner of our Pet of the Month award this month. Well done Dylan!

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