Pet of the Month – Teddy

Morley surgery Pet of the Month - January 2018 - Teddy

Morley – January 2018

Meet Teddy, the Morley surgery Pet of the Month for January 2018. This elderly gent (nearly 19 years old!) came to see us recently after developing a swelling on his toe. We examined Teddy’s toe, but due to the level of infection and swelling, it was difficult to properly diagnose the problem. In order to reduce the swelling, we prescribed some antibiotics. We then booked Teddy in for a follow-up examination a few days later. Unfortunately, at Teddy’s next visit, the medication had failed to reduce the swelling. As a result, we began to worry that this may be a tumour of some kind.

Because of Teddy’s age, and the fact that he has a heart murmur, we had lengthy discussions with his owners about removing the lump, which would require an amputation of the affected toe. We also took some blood tests to ensure that Teddy was healthy enough to undergo the surgery. These came back with some elevated levels, but overall, Teddy was in remarkable health for his age. Despite these blood tests, the anaesthetic would still be risky, but Teddy’s owners decided that we should go ahead with the operation.


Teddy coped very well with his surgery. We were able to successfully remove the toe, before sending the lump off to the lab for analysis. Throughout Teddy’s recovery, we ensured that he had at least one nurse by his side, constantly monitoring his vital signs. Thankfully his recovery was uneventful and, later that day, we discharged him to continue recovery at home.

Teddy came back for a checkup 2 days later and we were pleasantly surprised by how well he was doing. Teddy had even started to put weight on his foot again. We re-assessed Teddy again a few days later and he had continued to improve. Shortly after this visit, we received the lab results from Teddy’s lump. Analysis of the tissue indicated that this was a squamous cell carcinoma, which is a cancerous tumour. Thankfully, we had managed to remove the entire growth, so Teddy should need no further treatment at this time.

Throughout his treatment, Teddy was an absolute star and such a pleasure nurse. Due to the risks associated with surgery, and his pleasant nature throughout, we think he is a worthy pet of the month winner. Well done Teddy!

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