Pet of the Month – Frank

Armley surgery Pet of the Month - January 2018 - Frank

Armley – January 2018

This is four-year-old Frank, the Armley surgery Pet of the Month for January 2018. Frank came to see us recently after being out of sorts and overgrooming his coat. He had also recently lost a tooth and seemed tender around his mouth. On examination, we were able to see straight away that Frank was suffering from periodontal disease. His gums were badly infected and he had already lost a few teeth. This is very rare for such a young cat and meant that Frank would likely need a significant amount of dental work. The full extent of work required would not become clear until we were able to anaesthetise him and take a closer look.

Dental Surgery

The following week, Frank came back in for his dental surgery. After we administered his anaesthetic induction, we were able to properly examine Frank’s teeth. Unfortunately, this closer examination revealed that his teeth were in an even worse state than we had first thought. Five of Frank’s teeth were already missing and we had to remove a further 13. We then cleaned up and polished the remaining 12 teeth, to give them the best chance of surviving. We also administered pain relief and antibiotic medication to support Frank’s recovery.


A few days later, Frank came back to see us for a check-up. He was recovering from his surgery really well, and his owners reported that he was much happier in himself. The dental work had not only resolved Frank’s behavioural issues but had also given him a new lease of life.

Throughout Frank’s treatment, he was an absolute superstar. He was a model patient and was extremely cuddly and affectionate with the staff during his day with us. After maintaining such a friendly temperament despite such extensive dental work, we think Frank is a deserving winner of our Pet of the Month award this month. Well done Frank!

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