Pet of the Month – Lara

Meanwood Pet of the Month - January 2018 - Lara

Meanwood – January 2018

This is Lara, the Meanwood surgery Pet of the Month for January 2018.

Lara first came to see us way back in 2007, shortly after her adoption from the Dogs Trust. Unfortunately, at the age of 2, Lara ruptured the cruciate ligament in her right hind leg. This required a surgical repair. Following the surgery, Lara took a while to fully recover but was eventually able to regain full use of her leg. Over the following years, Lara visited us a few more times, before moving away with her owner to live in Lancashire.


While Lara was away, she began to experience further problems with her legs. She started to suffer from arthritis, which became so bad in her left hind leg that surgery was recommended. The required surgery was a fusion of the hock joint. This involved the placement of a plate to support the joint. Lara would no longer experience pain in the joint, but it would no longer be able to move. She recovered well, though this was a lengthy process due to an infection at the wound site. This required a long course of antibiotics but eventually cleared up.

A return to Yorkshire Vets

In 2017, Lara returned to Leeds and came back to see us at Yorkshire Vets. At first, she just visited for pain medication for her arthritis, but unfortunately, she soon began to struggle more with her fused joint. To begin with, we tried a change of medication, but this failed to have any effect. Eventually, we decided that the best thing for Lara was to open up her leg. This would allow us to take a sample to check for infection around her plated joint. We also looked at the possibility of removing a screw that seemed to be causing an issue. Unfortunately, due to the type of screw that had been used, we were unable to do this straight away, as it would need a special piece of equipment that we would need to order.

This sample came back from the lab showing infection in the wound, so we were able to prescribe suitable medication to treat this. A few weeks later, the piece of equipment required to remove Lara’s problematic screw was delivered. We booked Lara in for further surgery and were able to remove the screw, which had managed to begin to work its way loose.

Since this surgery, Lara has been doing really well. She has no more infection at her wound site and is back to her normal dose of pain relief. After such continued problems with her legs, and her continued patience throughout, we think Lara is a worthy winner of our Pet of the Month award. Well done Lara!

Pet of the Month

As Meanwood Pet of the Month, Lara is in with a chance of winning a year’s membership to our Pet Health Club, as the overall Yorkshire Vets Pet of the Month. To vote, please keep an eye on our Facebook page, where the competition will be posted towards the end of January.

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