Pet of the Month – Bobby

Shipley Surgery Pet of the Month - January 2018 - Bobby

Shipley – January 2018

Meet Bobby the Labrador, the Shipley surgery Pet of the Month for January 2018.

11-year-old Bobby came to see us towards the end of 2017 after his owner noticed a growth in his mouth. We also noted that his teeth could do with a scale and polish. Because of the position of the lump and the need for dental work, we booked Bobby in for an anaesthetic.

A few weeks later, Bobby came back in for surgery. Since his last visit, a wart-like lump on his nose had started to grow. Because of the speed of growth of this lump, Bobby’s owner asked us to remove this during the anaesthetic. Thankfully, we were able to remove both lumps fairly easily before sending them off to the lab. We also gave Bobby’s teeth a good clean and removed a single tooth that had started to cause problems. Once this work was finished, we woke Bobby up from his anaesthetic and, later that day, sent him home.

A few days later, we saw Bobby back for a follow-up examination. He had recovered really well from his anaesthetic and was eating well. We also checked the sites of his lump removals and tooth extraction, which were starting to heal well. Shortly after this visit, we received the lab results from Bobby’s lumps. Thankfully, there was nothing serious to report, so we would not need to put Bobby through any further treatment.

The following week, Bobby came to see us again to have his stitches removed. His surgical wounds had healed nicely and he was doing really well at home. Throughout his treatment, Bobby was a great patient and coped really well, despite his age. Because of this, we think he’s a worthy winner of our Pet of the Month award. Well done Bobby!

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