Pet of the Month – Kenobi

Thornbury Hospital Pet of the Month - January 2018 - Kenobi

Thornbury – January 2018

This is Kenobi, the Thornbury hospital Pet of the Month for January 2018.

Kenobi first came to see us at our Horsforth surgery in December. His owner was concerned that he seemed lethargic and was not eating very well. We took a blood sample which indicated a problem with Kenobi’s Liver. As a result, we referred him over to the hospital for further tests. Here, we performed an Abdominal scan to assist with his diagnosis. This scan revealed some abnormalities in his liver, gallbladder, stomach and small intestines. After further tests, we began to suspect that Kenobi was suffering from inflammatory bowel disease and triaditis. Triaditis is an inflammatory disease of the liver, pancreas and small intestine.


At this stage Jonay, the vet in charge of Kenobi’s treatment, started him on some medication to treat the triaditis. We also prescribed some pain relief and appetite stimulants. Unfortunately, after a couple of days, Kenobi was still not eating well. He had also developed a high temperature, for which we prescribed some antibiotics. At this point, we made the decision to place a nasogastric feeding tube. This enabled the nursing staff to feed Kenobi a liquid recovery diet directly into his stomach. Kenobi received regular feeds over the next couple of days along with his supporting medication.

Going Home

After these first few days of nasogastric feeding, Kenobi began to eat by himself overnight. Unfortunately, he still seemed unhappy through the day and was becoming a little stressed. As a result, Jonay decided to try sending Kenobi home. Now that we had managed to stabilise Kenobi’s condition, there was a good chance that he would feel more comfortable at home, which may help his appetite to return.

After two days away, Kenobi’s owner reported that he had been eating very well. He also seemed a lot brighter and happier. As time has passed, Kenobi has improved and, after further testing, his blood results have returned to within normal ranges. After such a stressful time, we think Kenobi is a worthy winner of our Pet of the Month award. Well done Kenobi!

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4 thoughts on “Pet of the Month – Kenobi

  1. After reading about his ordeal, I think we can all see why he should be celebrated. However what made me smile even more was how he recovered even more when he was back with his family. He must have a lot of love at home and that’s such a brilliant thing.

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