Pet of the Month – Henry

Shadwell Pet of the Month - February 2018 - Henry

Shadwell – February 2018

This is Henry the 7-year-old Newfoundland, who is the Shadwell surgery Pet of the Month for February 2018.

Heart Problems

Henry has been visiting Yorkshire Vets since he was a puppy, way back in 2011. Unfortunately, on his very first visit, we noticed that he had a heart murmur. In order to fully assess this murmur, we booked Henry in for a heart scan. This scan revealed that Henry was suffering from heart disease. Over the following years, we were able to support Henry’s heart with medication. In order to keep his heart working as well as possible, Henry became a regular visitor. He needed close monitoring to ensure that he was receiving the correct dosage of his medication, and he also had regular heart scans so that we could keep ahead of any significant changes within his heart.


After 5 years of heart-related visits, Henry came to see us with a new complaint in 2016. He had started to show signs of pain in his back and limbs and was reluctant to get up and walk. With dogs of Henry’s size, it is fairly common for joint problems to develop. After an initial trial of pain relief, Henry was back to his old self. Unfortunately, once this pain relief was stopped, he began to struggle again. As a result, we began to provide long-term pain relief.

Eye Problems

Another year passed, with Henry continuing on regular heart and pain relief medication. Then, at the end of 2017, he came to see us with another problem. His owner had noticed that Henry had developed a runny eye. Closer examination revealed an ulcer on his left cornea. The lower eyelid had also started to roll over and was rubbing on the eyeball. To fully assess the situation, we referred Henry over to Mr Kinvig, our resident ophthalmologist, over at the Thornbury hospital. Mr Kinvig recommended that the best treatment was for him to surgically shorten the lower lid to prevent continued rolling.

Henry came in for surgery soon after his initial appointment with Mr Kinvig. Because of his heart condition, we avoided the use of any general anaesthetic or sedation and only used a local anaesthetic for the procedure. As a result, four nurses were required to assist with the surgery! Thankfully the surgery went well and Henry has now recovered well.

After such a significant number of visits over the years and continued patience, even throughout his conscious surgery, we think Henry is a worthy recipient of our Pet of the Month award for February 2018. Well done Henry!

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