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Pets on Holiday?

The summer holidays are upon us, and you may be busy planning or looking forward to some time away from home, but in all the excitement of booking and arranging your holiday, have you considered what your pet will be doing while you’re away?

We’ve provided an insight into several options for either taking your pet with you on your holiday, or providing them with their own vacation:

Pets on tour

If you’re holidaying in the UK, this can often be a great opportunity for your pet to come along with you and enjoy all the fun to be found across the country.

Whether it’s a beach holiday in Cornwall, a walking holiday in the Lake District, or a sight-seeing city break, your dog will love taking in the new places, sounds and smells on these exciting new walkies.

Just make sure to keep them on a lead in unfamiliar territories, so they don’t wander off or get lost!

Pets staying at home

Often asking a friend or family member to look after your pet at home whilst you’re away is a great idea, especially for cats. It keeps your pet in its familiar surroundings where it is comfortable.

Outdoor cats can often get confused being in a new place and will try and find their way home, and seeing a familiar face will often ease any pet anxiety, which leaving your pet with strangers or in a strange place may cause.

Pets on holiday

One for more outgoing pets, professional pet sitting has increased in popularity and provides a great opportunity for your pet to enjoy its own holiday with dedicated people who are more than happy to look after your pet for you.

New surroundings and days out can be fun and refreshing for your pet, just as much as it is for you.

Pets in boarding kennels

Putting your dog in dog kennels or your cat in a cattery is one of the most traditional methods of having your pet cared for while you are away.

Sociable dogs will love so many new canine friends to play with, but be wary of territorial cats, as they may not enjoy sharing space with strange felines.

Pets abroad

Increasingly, people are more likely to take their pet on holiday abroad with them.

There are plenty of dog friendly hotels and cat friendly hotels across the world to take a look at before you book, so you can enjoy a fantastic holiday overseas with your family and furry best friend too.

Vacations and vaccinations

Whether you will be leaving your pet cared for at home, or in accommodation in the UK, or if you will be taking them abroad with you, it’s always best to first provide your pet with a health check-up.

If you are jetting off with your pet, they will need vaccinations and injections against deadly and harmful diseases which are common abroad, such as rabies. Pets will also need to be micro-chipped and have a pet passport to be able to travel.

So, don’t delay, make an appointment for your pet with us well in advance before you go, so you can all have a very happy holiday.