Pet of the Month – Oz

Meanwood Pet of the Month - February 2018 - Oz
Oz received fantastic nursing care from one of his owners while visiting our hospital.

Meanwood – February 2018

Meet Oz, the Meanwood surgery Pet of the Month for February 2018.

Oz has been a regular visitor here at Yorkshire Vets over the last few years. He spent a few days at our Thornbury hospital back in 2014 after developing a pyothorax, which is an infection of the chest cavity. As a result, pus builds up in the cavity, which we need to drain. This condition is potentially fatal and requires urgent treatment. Fortunately, we were able to see Oz early enough that he was able to go back to his normal life.


After a couple of years of occasional visits, Oz returned at the end of 2016. He had started to lose weight and, on examination, we noted that his thyroid glands were enlarged. This combination of symptoms indicated that Oz was likely to be suffering from hyperthyroidism. This is a condition that causes the thyroid gland to overproduce thyroid hormone. Blood tests confirmed this diagnosis, and we were able to prescribe medication to control the condition.


Oz continued on his medication for the next year or so. Then, in January this year, he went missing for a few days. As a result, he went without his medication. After his return, Oz was reluctant to eat or drink, was wobbling around and seemed lethargic. His breathing had also become more laboured. Consequently, his owners brought him in for a checkup. Our initial examination revealed that Oz was very dehydrated, so we admitted him for iv fluids. Further examinations and tests revealed that he was having problems with his heart, was anaemic and was suffering from a painful abdomen.

Oz stayed with us at the hospital over the next week. During this time it was touch and go if he was going to recover. We performed lots of tests, but none of them gave a clear diagnosis for his condition. After intensive treatment of his symptoms, Oz eventually started to recover. Because of the lack of clarity from his numerous tests, we were unable to confirm a definitive diagnosis, but believe that his illness may have been caused by an adverse reaction to his thyroid medication. Oz is now home again and doing much better on a reduced dose of his medication. We are looking at the possibility of radioactive iodine treatment once he has fully recovered, which would remove the need for any medication in the future.

After such a traumatic experience, both for Oz and his owners, we think he is a worthy winner of our Pet of the Month award this month. Well done Oz!

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Pet of the Month – Lara

Meanwood Pet of the Month - January 2018 - Lara

Meanwood – January 2018

This is Lara, the Meanwood surgery Pet of the Month for January 2018.

Lara first came to see us way back in 2007, shortly after her adoption from the Dogs Trust. Unfortunately, at the age of 2, Lara ruptured the cruciate ligament in her right hind leg. This required a surgical repair. Following the surgery, Lara took a while to fully recover but was eventually able to regain full use of her leg. Over the following years, Lara visited us a few more times, before moving away with her owner to live in Lancashire.


While Lara was away, she began to experience further problems with her legs. She started to suffer from arthritis, which became so bad in her left hind leg that surgery was recommended. The required surgery was a fusion of the hock joint. This involved the placement of a plate to support the joint. Lara would no longer experience pain in the joint, but it would no longer be able to move. She recovered well, though this was a lengthy process due to an infection at the wound site. This required a long course of antibiotics but eventually cleared up.

A return to Yorkshire Vets

In 2017, Lara returned to Leeds and came back to see us at Yorkshire Vets. At first, she just visited for pain medication for her arthritis, but unfortunately, she soon began to struggle more with her fused joint. To begin with, we tried a change of medication, but this failed to have any effect. Eventually, we decided that the best thing for Lara was to open up her leg. This would allow us to take a sample to check for infection around her plated joint. We also looked at the possibility of removing a screw that seemed to be causing an issue. Unfortunately, due to the type of screw that had been used, we were unable to do this straight away, as it would need a special piece of equipment that we would need to order.

This sample came back from the lab showing infection in the wound, so we were able to prescribe suitable medication to treat this. A few weeks later, the piece of equipment required to remove Lara’s problematic screw was delivered. We booked Lara in for further surgery and were able to remove the screw, which had managed to begin to work its way loose.

Since this surgery, Lara has been doing really well. She has no more infection at her wound site and is back to her normal dose of pain relief. After such continued problems with her legs, and her continued patience throughout, we think Lara is a worthy winner of our Pet of the Month award. Well done Lara!

Pet of the Month

As Meanwood Pet of the Month, Lara is in with a chance of winning a year’s membership to our Pet Health Club, as the overall Yorkshire Vets Pet of the Month. To vote, please keep an eye on our Facebook page, where the competition will be posted towards the end of January.

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Pet of the Month – Roo

Meanwood Pet of the Month - December 2017 - Roo

Meanwood – December 2017

Meet Rhubarb (Roo for short), the Meanwood surgery Pet of the Month for December 2017. With Christmas approaching, Roo’s heartwarming tale of loss and recovery seems a perfect one to share.

Back in October, Roo and her sister Crumble were on their way to see us for their first annual booster vaccination. On the way into the surgery, Roo managed to break out of her cat carrier and run away. As you can imagine, her owner was distraught and began a relentless search to bring Roo home. She put posters up all around the Meanwood area in the hope the someone would see her, but for six long weeks, she heard nothing.

Then out of the blue, she received a call from a man who had seen one of Roo’s posters. The man had seen a cat matching Roo’s description making visits to his shed. He had tried to catch the cat on multiple occasions but had been unable to do so. On receiving the call, Roo’s owner went straight to the man’s house and, as she arrived, saw Roo in the street! She called Roo’s name and the cat immediately stopped and turned. Upon seeing who had called, the cat ran straight towards her owner, jumping happily into her loving arms. It was Roo!

After finally reuniting with her owner, Roo came in to visit us for a health check. During her time in the wilderness, Roo had lost weight, her coat was in poor condition. She had also picked up a few ticks. Fortunately, this was the extent of her problems and, now that she was back in her warm, loving home with plenty of good food, she would be back to full health in no time. After such an ordeal, we think Roo is a worthy winner of our Pet of the Month award this month. Welcome home Roo!

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Pet of the Month – Stella

Meanwood surgery Pet of the Month - November 2017 - Stella

Meanwood – November 2017

This is Stella, an 8-year-old dog, who is the Meanwood surgery Pet of the Month for November 2017.

Stella first came to see us back in early 2016. She had already had quite a time of it, having previously had two cruciate repairs and suffered from allergies. She had also moved to Leeds after starting life over in America. Fortunately, since registering with Yorkshire Vets, Stella had largely been healthy. 18 months after her first visit, however, Stella came back in to see us with a lameness of her left foreleg.


Our initial suspicion was that Stella may be suffering from arthritis. We gave her some pain relief and advised a week of restricted exercise to see if this would help. Sadly this had no effect on her lameness. To confirm our suspicions, we booked Stella in for x-rays over at our Thornbury hospital. These x-rays confirmed that Stella had started to develop arthritis in both elbows of her forelegs. Unfortunately, this is not a curable condition, but we can usually manage it well with pain relief and joint support supplements. We are also able to offer acupuncture, which can reduce the reliance on medications that can have longer-term health implications.


Following her return home, Stella began to struggle with her medication. She was suffering from diarrhoea and vomiting, which meant that she had to cut back on her medication. At this stage, Stella began to attend regular acupuncture sessions with Helen here at Meanwood. She was also able to start taking her joint supplements again. Over the following weeks, Stella began to show great improvement. She would occasionally have episodes of slight lameness, but these were easily controlled with small amounts of pain relief.


Stella most recently visited us at the start of November and is now doing remarkably well. We are now able to control her arthritis exclusively through acupuncture and she has been medication free over the last couple of weeks, which is fantastic. Because of her continued patience throughout her treatment, we think Stella is a worthy winner of our Pet of the Month award. Well done Stella!

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Pet of the Month – Mogga

 Meanwood Pet of the Month - October 2017 - Mogga

Meanwood – October 2017

This is Mogga, a Labrador Retriever, who is the Meanwood surgery Pet of the Month for October 2017.

Mogga came to visit us back in September with a cut on his pad. Unfortunately, the cut was deep enough that it was unlikely to heal easily on its own. As a result, we decided to staple the wound closed. This is a procedure that we can perform fairly quickly and does not require an anaesthetic, as would be the case for stitches. We were able to close the wound with four staples and bandage the foot to keep it protected. We also provided him with pain relief and antibiotics to support his recovery.

Regular visits

In order to allow Mogga’s pad to heal properly, it was important for us to regularly change his bandage. This helps to protect against infection and prevents wound breakdown. It also gives us a good chance to keep a close eye on how the wound is healing so that we can provide further treatment if necessary.

Over the next two weeks, Mogga continued to visit us for bandage changes. On his second visit, the wound was healing well enough that we were able to remove the stitches. By the time of his fourth bandage change, we were happy that this would be the last bandage he would need. At this stage, we advised the use of a Mikki boot. This would ensure that the wound would stay clean and dry during the final stage of healing.

A full recovery

Mogga is now fully healed and is no doubt delighted to finally have his leg free of bandages. Because of the patience he showed during the stapling of his cut and his regular bandage changes, we think he is a worthy winner of our Pet of the Month award this month. Well done Mogga!

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Pet of the Month – Barney

Pet of the Month - Meanwood - September 2017 - Barney

Meanwood – September 2017

Meet Barney the cat, who is just over a year old. He is the Meanwood surgery Pet of the Month for September 2017.

Barney first came to see us in July. He lives on a farm and had been found with an injured face. Our examination revealed that he had fractured one of his canine teeth. His jaw also appeared uneven. To check exactly what damage Barney had done, we sent him over to our Thornbury hospital for x-rays under general anaesthetic. These x-rays revealed a double fracture to Barney’s jaw. We were then able to wire his jaw to give it stability while it healed. He also required stitching in his gum to support the second fracture. After his surgery, Barney was ready to go home. We prescribed some painkillers to make him comfortable during his recovery, as well as some antibiotics to prevent infection in his surgical sites.

Barney’s recovery

The next day, back at Meanwood, Barney paid us another visit. He appeared much more comfortable during this examination and was eating and drinking well. Within a week, we were able to remove the sutures supporting the back of his jaw. Over the next few weeks, Barney was doing really well. We booked him in to remove his wire, which required a further anaesthetic. We are delighted to say that his wire removal took place today (the 18th September) and he is recovering well. His jaw is now stable and we’re sure he is looking forward to getting home. As before, we have sent him home with some antibiotics to protect against infection, and look forward to seeing him again in a couple of weeks for what we hope will be a final check.

After such a painful injury we think that Barney is a worthy recipient of our Pet of the Month award for September 2017. Well done Barney!

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Pet of the Month – Otto

Meanwood – August 2017

This laid back young man is Otto, who is the Meanwood surgery Pet of the Month for August 2017.

Meanwood Pet of the Month for August 2017, Otto

Otto the Miniature Dachshund is only 6 months old, but he has already led an adventurous life. When first visiting us as a very young puppy, we noticed that only one of Otto’s testicles was not palpable. While an undescended testicle is not an urgent problem, it is important to keep a close watch to make sure it does descend. If a testicle has not properly descended by around 6 months of age, we recommend castration, as abnormal testicles can cause health problems further down the line. Otto’s owners also took this opportunity to sign him up for our Pet Health Club, which provides all of the preventative care a pet needs throughout the year. Continue reading… “Pet of the Month – Otto”

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Pet of the Month – Tiny

Tiny the Meanwood Pet of the Month, March 2017


This beautiful Sphynx cat is 3 year old Tiny.

Tiny came to visit us recently, after finding her forever home with her new owner. She was brought her in to start her vaccinations, but her new owner was concerned that she might be showing signs of a pregnancy. Thankfully it turned out that she had just been carrying a little excess weight! Tiny is now happily settled in her new home and has already managed to lose a little weight. Continue reading… “Pet of the Month – Tiny”

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