Video – Heart Murmurs in Pets Explained

In the first of a series of videos, vet Stephen Robertson explains the basics of what heart murmurs are. With the help of a model heart, he explains what your vet is listening for when examining your pet’s heart, and what these sounds mean.

Heart Murmurs in Pets – Video Information

In many cases, heart murmurs are mild and pets can live a long and healthy life with limited intervention. In other cases, pets require medication to keep their heart working properly. Please remember that heart problems should be thoroughly assessed by a qualified vet to give your pet the best chance of a healthy outcome. As with any health concern, the sooner we are able to diagnose your pet, the sooner we are able to treat them. If you are ever concerned about your pet’s health, please give us a call. Symptoms of heart murmurs can include coughing, breathing difficulties, lethargy and blue / grey gums. Continue reading… “Video – Heart Murmurs in Pets Explained”

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