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Our team can treat inflammations, cataracts, corneal ulcers and more!

As a pet owner you’ll know eye disease is common in small animals. Our Ophthalmology team are kept busy treating conditions like cataracts, corneal ulcers, entropion (in-turning of the eyelids), dry eye, inflammation of the eye, glaucoma, tumours and retinal diseases. We love nothing more than seeing the joy for both pet and owner when a small animal’s vision is repaired or restored.

With a dedicated team we perform all types of extraocular and intraocular surgery including:

  • Entropion and facelift surgery
  • Electrolysis for treatment of distichiasis (extra eyelashes)
  • Corneal procedures including superficial keratectomies and treatment of deep or perforated corneal ulcers with conjunctival, corneoconjunctival grafts
  • Foreign body eye surgery
  • Diagnostic workup for blindness
  • Enucleations
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